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et seq.羽毛筆指甲油 I 品牌故事

經由舊時代的知識 找尋新的啟發

Dare to Know , Dare to Show


羽毛筆造型的指彩毛刷、 彷如墨水瓶的外觀、

這些將經典字句留存至今的工具, 品牌 et seq. 重新詮釋,



藉由審視過去的文學, 讓顏色成為引言,產生共鳴,


et seq., meaning “in the following”, is a term that is used in paper references. Such referencing is normally used to acknowledge past researches or literatures in support of new findings. The brand et seq. decided to build this term into a whole new level. Instead of referencing the past to create new findings, we are using references to create colors. With our nail polish holder as a quill pen, et seq. wants the process of coloring nails to become a status of acknowledging what the past have given us. However, when the colors set on your nails, the acknowledgement became just an “et seq”, where the colors on you become the focus instead. et seq. wishes to bring resonance to your life, give courage for you to know yourself, but most importantly, invite you to reference et seq. to show your true color.